Hosting A Summer Party

Summer is the perfect time to host a summer party.  School is out, the days are longer and people are generally more relaxed. 

The first step to hosting a summer party is to create a guest list.  This will help you  determine the size of the event and what type of party you will be hosting.  This can range from a causal barbeque to a formal sit down dinner.  Your invitation should provide to the attendee the type of event and party's theme.  

Your next decision will be the main menu.  Depending on your event you may host a cocktail party with hors d'oeuvres or provide a full meal. I recommend planning at least four weeks in advance as this will allow you enough time to send out the invitations and plan out the details.

Next comes the fun part.... 

Planning the menu, buying the decorations and of course checking your supply of alcohol.  I also try to create a special drink for the event and serve to the guest as they arrive.

The day of the event the most important advice I can give is to give is to relax!  No one cares if your home is not perfect or if the food is slightly over cooked.  Most people are grateful they are not the host and are just to be attending the party!